Benefits of Certification 

1.) Educated in the “Building Blocks” of elite level pitching which are based on the bio-mechanics and kinesiology of how the body moves through the pitching motion.

2.) Educated regarding “Inefficient or Unsafe” instructional methods that should be avoided.

3.) Educated in guiding your students through the college recruiting process.

4.) Continuous education and support by a highly experienced and educated group of High Performance Pitching professionals.

5.) Recognition that you are an instructor who cares about the health and safety of your students via the recommended First Aid/CPR training provided and by the Concussion protocol training provided.

6.) Recognition that you are an instructor who has invested in the education of teaching skills that will enhance the potential for your students to advance to a high level of pitching proficiency.

7.) Access to video instruction, live internet and classroom training combined with hands on live pitching instruction training that will give you the tools needed to help your students excel.

8.) Discounted pricing on instructional videos and other materials which will remain available for your reference anytime in the future.

9) Free and discounted course coupons that you can provide to your students/parents/softball friends. ($900 value per certification level achieved)

10.) Receipt of a high quality printed certificate which can be displayed in your facility.

11.) Inclusion into a Facebook private group of fellow certified coaches who you can rely on for collaboration in continuing education, camps/clinics/best practices/etc.

12.) Listing of your name, business and contact information on our Coach Locator website page indicating you have successfully completed all course, lesson, and quiz requirements.

13.) Affirmation of your integrity by your signing of the “High Performance Pitching Code of Conduct and Ethics”.

14.) Trust level enhancement by annually passing a nationally recognized background check including the Child Safety & Abuse Program.

15.) Recognition as a member of a group of professionals who never stop the pursuit of education and best practices. By your association, you will be recognized as member of a group that is in constant pursuit of excellence.

16.) Most importantly, you will have the self-satisfaction of knowing that you have put forth your best effort to support your students so they can mature as outstanding students, athletes and citizens. You have made a positive impact on the future of a child.