Frequently asked questions

Q: Why did you create High Performance Pitching?

A: Our youth pitchers deserve better than the poor or ineffiecint pitching information in the marketplace. We wanted to provide a single place where kids, parents, and pitching coaches could learn the mechanics that have been proven to deliver the best results in terms of speed, accuracy and movement while also being safe for the pitchers. We hope to transform the way fastpitch pitching is taught everywhere the sport is played.


Q: How do you know what you’re teaching is the best approach?

A: The fundamentals and techniques in our courses have been developed through directly working with as well as observing and studying high speed video and 3D motion analysis of hundreds of elite level pitchers. We have also discussed these principles with other high-level coaches to get a best practices confirmation. The principles taught in our courses are what you will see elite pitchers actually perform when they are pitching.


Q: What ages is this program appropriate for?

A: It is never too early to start learning the proper mechanics for safe and efficient pitching. As long as the student has the attention span and desire to learn, there is no bottom age limit. Likewise, what you will learn here can be and has been applied to collegiate and post-collegiate pitchers. In fact, Sarah Pauly herself continues to seek Rick’s guidance in her pitching career.

Q: What if my daughter starts down this path and her team coach encourages her to use different pitching mechanics, such as “hello elbow” or “paint your way through the release”?

A: This is a situation that must be handled delicately. Perhaps suggest that he/she watch the free lessons here to gain a better understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing, or possibly that you watch one or two of the more in-depth lessons together. Ultimately, however, it is your decision and your daughter’s career and long-term health should remain your top priority.

Q: Can I purchase courses randomly or do I need to follow a learning pathway?

A: You can purchase individual courses in any order that you desire.


Q: Why do you offer the courses individually rather than only having a complete package?

A: Some people may only be looking for an answer to a specific issue, so we make it easy for them to obtain that answer.


Q: What if I purchase a couple of individual courses first, and then decide to go into the certification program? Do I have to purchase the individual courses again?

A: No. Once you have purchased a course it is yours forever. You will, however, need to complete the quiz for that course in order to achieve your certification.


Q: If you add a lesson into a course after I have purchased it, will I have to pay for that lesson?

A: No, once you purchase a course all lessons added into that course are available for you to view with no additional cost.


Q: Will you be adding any more courses to the various Levels?

A: Yes. We want this program to be a living program that keeps up with the latest instructional techniques and the demands of our customers.

Q: Is there a Beginner Level Certification?

A: No. Our Beginner Level is designed  for a more casual coach or persons who just want to help their own child or who want to make an informed decision when selecting a pitching coach for their child.


Q: Do I have to take the Beginner Level Courses before I begin the Intermediate Level Certification?

A: No. The Intermediate Level Courses cover everything that is in the Beginner Level Courses, but in much greater detail.


Q: Do I have to take the Intermediate Level Certification program first or can I jump right into the Elite Level Certification program?

A: We require that you take the Intermediate Level Certification program prior to the Elite Level Program.  We do this because the Intermediate Level Certification program establishes all the fundamentals important for a pitcher to progress to the higher levels. We want our Certified Coaches to instruct using those fundamentals.


Q: How long will it take to complete the certification courses?

A: Everyone learns at a different pace but based on the length of the videos you should expect to invest 15-20 hours for each certification level.


Q: Do I have to take all the courses at once?

A: No. This is all safe-paced learning. You can go online whenever it is convenient for you and do as many lessons/courses as you have time for. That is what most of our certification program participants do. The system will remember where you are and take you back to the next lesson. 


Q: How do I receive my discount on course purchases when I start my Certification process?

A: Once you have made the Intermediate (or Elite) Level Certification Program purchase, we see your purchase order and then manually move your profile into a special grouping that receives the discount. This typically happens within the day of purchase. We will email you once this move has been made.


Q: I don’t see my discount showing up. The course still shows $29.95. Why?

A: You must still move through the purchasing process by adding the course to your shopping cart. When you go to “View Cart” the discount is applied and you will see the discounted price.


Q: I may only want to instruct my own child. Can/should I still take the Certification Programs?

A: Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to do so. Taking the full certification course ensures you not only have all of the best information available but can answer questions about it to demonstrate you fully understand it.


Q: Will I receive some kind of Certificate when I complete my program?

A: Yes. You will be sent a Certificate with your name, the Certification Level of achievement, and date of completion.


Q: Is there any recognition for completion/passing the Background Check and Child Safety Course?

A: Yes. Protect Youth Sports provides an online certificate. Additionally, we will download that certificate and send a hard copy of it to you along with your Intermediate Level Certificate.


Q: When do I sign the Code of Conduct and the Standards of Instruction documents?

A: You sign both documents after completing all Intermediate courses/lessons/quizzes.


Q: How/where do I send the Code of Conduct and Standards of Instruction documents?

A: There are several ways to copy and send the signed documents: 1) Snap a picture with your cell phone and text to me at (864-237-1253); 2) Copy, scan and attach them to an email to:; 3) Copy and US Mail them to Rick Pauly, 13130 Sodbury Drive, Midlothian, Va. 23113.


Q: What requirements do I need to fulfill before I move into the Elite Level Certification Program?

A: You must fulfill all the steps listed in this process link:


Q: How do I arrange for my personal interview?

A: Once you have completed a certification level and passed all the quizzes, we will receive a notification and will reach out to you via email. We can then set up a Facetime or other video call at a mutually convenient time.



Q: Do I need to take the Background Check if I’ve had one recently?

A: Yes, it is a requirement. Included in our Background Checking process is a Child Safety Course/Test that we feel is very important for any person working with young people.


Q: Do I take the Background Check/Child Safety Course before or after I have completed my Certification Level courses?

A: The Background Check/Child Safety Course must be passed before purchasing the Intermediate Level Certification.


Q: How do I access the Child Safety Course?

A: Once you have passed the Background Check, you will automatically receive an email directing you to the course. Note: the Background Check must pass before receiving this email.


Q: Do I need to take the Background Check/Child Safety Course again if I want to pursue the Elite Level Certification?

A: No. Assuming you passed prior to your Intermediate Level Certification you don’t have to take it again.


Q: Am I required to retake the Background/Child Safety Course in the future?

A: You are required to take and pass the Background Check annually to maintain your status as “Certified”.  You are not required to retake the Child Safety Course.


Q: Will I be notified when it is time for me to renew my Background Check?

A: Yes. We will send you an email X weeks prior to the due date to remind you it is time for a new Background Check.


Q: Is my personal information safe with Protect Youth Sports?

A: Yes, Protect Youth Sports does not and will not share your personal information with anyone.

Q: Why do I need to provide my contact/email prior to viewing the free courses?

A: We do this for several reasons. One is to protect against cyberattacks that could affect the performance of the site for our users. We also like to know who is interested in our product to help us target our marketing and new product development to ensure we are meeting your needs and not wasting your time sending irrelevant information to you. Finally, we want to be sure we are bringing this great education to as wide an audience as possible to help change pitching instruction for the better.


Q: Is my contact information shared with others?

A: No, your contact information is held within our organization only.


Q: Is my email address going to be put on an emailing list?

A: Yes, it is our method of informing you of great new products added to our website/course offerings. You may opt out at any time.