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A word of caution regarding your consideration of having a student do this program. The program is intense. It requires 6 days a week of either pitching or physical exercise workouts. A daily session will often consume 90 minutes. It is not recommended that a pitcher attempt to do this program while they are in season…..whether that is softball season or any other sport. Our True Coach program app tracks compliance rate of a students completion of workouts. If a student cannot commit to a compliance rate of 85% or higher we recommend delaying the start of this program until there is an ample dead period between sports competition seasons.


The Virtual Assessment features over all program goals that aid pitchers and coaches to:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Mechanical Efficiency Improvement
  • Increase Speed
  • Increase Spin Rates
  • Improved Location
  • Improved Proprioception
  • Overall Pitching Endurance
  • Consistently High Performance


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